At Chaplains on the Way we meet individuals—where they are—to listen, offer companionship, and offer love, the antidote to loneliness, to a community of people who have lost so much, and who now seek spiritual grounding and accompaniment in this crisis. In a spirit of openness, our community welcomes people of all faiths and those who do not identify with any religion.



These days, our street ministry is entirely outdoors, as we bring a ministry of spiritual companionship and hope to the members of our community. Our practice is to walk side-by-side with people we meet to listen and build trusting relationships.


During Covid, we are gathering outdoors in small groups for meditation and we have recently begun Sunday worship services on the common. 


We also facilitate meetings of the Waltham Community Leadership Group, a grassroots collective led by people experiencing homelessness. The group organizes monthly street clean-up days, works on advocacy projects, and raises up the voices of this marginalized community, striving towards justice and systemic change.

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Chaplains on the Way offers memorial services for folks in our community when someone dies. Because so many people who live in homelessness are isolated from their families, our memorial services are an important space for people in our community to come together, grieve our loss, and celebrate the life and goodness of the person who has passed.


When Covid began in Massachusetts, we had no idea how long it would last or how significantly it would disrupt the lives of people experiencing homelessness in Waltham. Despite that uncertainty, we at Chaplains on the Way committed ourselves to increasing our presence by providing breakfast five days a week. We offer folks $5 McDonald’s gift cards. Each card allows someone to buy themselves a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich. For many folks, this is the only hot meal available, and an opportunity to choose what they want to eat, rather than receiving a pre-packaged bagged meal. If you would like to donate to our breakfast program, you can sponsor a day or week of meals here.

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