At Chaplains on the Way we meet individuals—where they are—to listen, offer companionship, and offer love, the antidote to loneliness, to a community of people who have lost so much, and who now seek spiritual grounding and accompaniment in this crisis. In a spirit of openness, our community welcomes people of all faiths and those who do not identify with any religion.


Our street ministry takes us out into the streets and gathering places of Waltham to bring a ministry of spiritual companionship and hope to the members of our community. Our practice is to walk side-by-side with people we meet to listen and build trusting relationships.


We offer a number of weekly practice groups in various locations throughout Waltham, including a meditation group, labyrinth walk, compline service, spiritual arts, and a community leadership group.

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Chaplains on the Way offers memorial services for folks in our community when someone dies. Because so many people who live in homelessness are isolated from their families, our memorial services are an important space for people in our community to come together, grieve our loss, and celebrate the life and goodness of the person who has passed.


For people experiencing homelessness in the city of Waltham, winter mornings are a harsh time of year, and people deprived of housing have no publicly space available from 7:30 until the library opens at 9am. We offer a warm space and a free hot breakfast, from 7 – 9am, Monday through Fridays, December 1 through Easter. A homemade, hot breakfast available is a gift to people, as is the warm and inviting space we offer.

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