Morning Hours

Rev. Korte Yeo

Hello friends of COTW.

A while back I got a much welcomed call from Becky. She said they were a couple of chaplains short as they tried to fill the morning shifts for COTW’s sponsorship of “Morning Hours” at the Community Day Center of Waltham.

As it happened, I was free and immediately jumped on the opportunity to participate in ministry I love with my old friends at Chaplains on the Way.

Due to a host of volunteers, as well as a generous donation from First Parish in Lincoln, COTW was able to staff the mornings and provide the food.

Without either one of those – the volunteers, or the donation from First Parish- we wouldn’t be able to provide this much needed service.

The morning hours are meaningful on several levels. A homemade, hot breakfast available is a real blessing to many of our folks, but perhaps even more important is what our presence and the presence of the volunteers says to the community- we care about you. We love you. 

Sometimes that love looks like hot French toast or scrambled eggs with a little cheese in it. Sometimes it looks more like sitting quietly and listening. Sometimes it sounds like a chuckle.

Don’t get me wrong, the food is important as is the warm place to be for the 2 hours while everything seems to be closed to most of our folks, but when collaborating and serving a community like ours one of the most important tools necessary for a chaplain is time.

It often takes weeks or months or years to build-up trust to a point where a chaplain can actually be helpful to some of our folks. I’m grateful for the church that thought it was important enough to sponsor our mornings this year.

I had a wonderful conversation this morning with a new friend whom I never might have met if not for oatmeal. Our conversation revolved around the college he attended many decades ago and one of his fraternity brothers who had achieved fame as an author writing spy novels, (one of which he happened to be reading at the time). 

It is often a simple thing that is the beginning of a friendship where God can really be present in a special way. This takes time. I am grateful to the folks who have made this ministry possible this year for giving us a little bit of that time.

I sometimes think Becky is a little crazy because she tends to say “yes” quickly to opportunities for ministry. I instinctively panic and wonder how we are going to afford something, but Becky says yes, and then trusts God to help her figure out the details. Maybe that’s part of why she is the executive director.

I have had the privilege of 1st being a student with chaplains on the way, then an employee and now a chaplain who pitches in when necessary. I love being a minister, but nothing I have done feels so much like real ministry as does working with chaplains on the way.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s morning hours, the Church partnerships and friendships and the volunteers who love our folks so well.

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